Refersion Tour: Refersion 101

Where is my discount code?

*If you do not see your discount code contact we will have you up and running in no time!


Where is my personalized link?

**Shorten your link under link options

***Create a link to a specific page (look under link options)


How do I create a link to a specific page?

Step 1: Create a link to a specific page (look under link options)

Once you click on Create link to a specific page you will be taken to this screen

Step 2 Open a second tab and go to the FitMissTea Store

Step 3 Click on the product you would like to create a custom link for then copy the link

Step 4: Return to the other tab and paste the link into refersion

Congrats! You just created a custom link!


You also have the option of shortening your link so you don’t have a lonnnnng URL in your bio and captions (Recommended)

How do I add/update my PayPal?

Step 1: Go to Settings tab

Step 2: Click on Payment Settings

Step 3: Add/Update your PayPal email

What are Creatives and how do I access them?

The Creatives gives you full access to FitMissTea current campaigns, sales, promotions, and more! We give you access to helpful tools that will help increase your sales! Take advantage of the Creatives tab and all it has to offer. We highly recommend our FM$C members to use this tool it is extremely helpful and  is updated weekly!

Step 1: Click on the Creatives tab

Step 2: Explore the options!