About us

My name is Kristina Follis, owner of Fit Miss Tea! I am so happy you stopped by. I have been a tea lover ever since I could pretty much drink hot beverages. My mom always made me tea, whether I was sick, didn't feel good or just need a hot cup of green honey tea, it always seemed to do the job. Living a healthy lifestyle has been something very important to me these past 6 years. After losing 50 lbs and completely changing my Lifestyle.  Learning more about holistic nutrition, wellness, fitness and overall health became my mission. I have become even more obsessed with tea especially loose leaf! The more exposed I was to such delicious and very effective tea, I found it very crucial for my health and fell in love with the different blends and flavors from my motherland PERU. Peruvian teas took my heart. They all share such AMAZING medicinal benefits and unique tastes. Teas that can cure just  about any illness, infections to period cramps and allergies etc... Here we are now..All this inspired me to create a healthy and delicious fun brand called Fit Miss Tea! I hope you enjoy it. 

Fit Miss Tea is conceived by the idea to improve the lives of women all over the world. No matter what walk of life we come from we are all women and we all deserve to experience a healthy and happy existence. Fit Miss Tea lays the groundwork for our customers to do just this! Our all natural herbal blends promote wellness throughout your body with each sip. We also place a heavy emphasis on each and every woman to get out and be active while eating well-balanced meals full of nutrition. In a world full of get rich quick schemes and health ploys Fit Miss Tea stands alone balanced on the foundation of genuine service and quality products.

We challenge you to live like a Fit Miss! Learn to love to your body and empower yourself through healthy habits, daily activity, and positivity. We only have one life to live, but if we live well one is all we will need. Come with us on the Fit Miss Journey!