Healthy Habits - 6 Ways to Live Longer

Healthy Habits - 6 Ways to Live Longer

Time after time I would ask myself  "How can I live a healthier life?"

 After 3 years of personal experience and research I found the "secret formula" to living a healthier lifestyle.



1st- Being healthy doesn't just happen overnight. It takes work, sacrifice, and dedication.
2nd- During this journey you will get to know yourself on a different level.

3rd.- You will be happy


Keep in mind that being healthy is achievable. No matter what it is that you want, you can do it! You just need to believe in yourself. Although it can be hard, it will be worth it.


Step 1: Figure out any bad habits that you want to change like smoking or drinking soda...or binge drinking alcohol, hanging out with people who are not a positive influence in your life, or anything that is blocking you from truly being happy.


Step 2: Find out what will make you happy inside, don't think about the obstacles you have to take to get there just think about what will make you happy?

Set your goals. For example "lose 10 lbs", "eat healthier foods", "workout more" "start a business" "fit into a size 7" Write down your goals, whatever they may be and look at your goals everyday!


Step 3: Write down why achieving your goal(s) are important to you, this is time for you to dig deep and really get emotional.


Step 4: Figure out how you can reach your goals. What do you have to do? My tip would be to read! Knowledge is power and reading is like food for the brain.


Step 5: Learn to love yourself, no matter what you look like or how far you have to go, or where you came from just remember that you are beautiful and you can better yourself while loving yourself. Your body deserves it!


Step 6: Last but not least don't let anybody get in the way of your goals, if you truly want something then go and get it, no more excuses!


Living a healthier lifestyle will help you think more clearly, feel happier, boost your confidence, have more energy on a day to day basis and live life to the fullest.


BONUS TIP: It's all about mindset, what you think and believe. Change your thoughts you change your world.

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